Holiday in Marciana Marina

marciana1Marciana Marina, Italy’s second smallest town, located on the northwest side of the island of Elba, has a mysterious fascination: if you are there at sunset, as the sun disappears behind the coastal tower that dominates the port, to dive into the sea between the island of Capraia and Corsica, the visitor’s soul is pervaded by special emotions.
Since the 1960s, the town’s sea and agricultural vocation has been accompanied by tourism, a new and precious resource. The uncontaminated coastal territory has become a destination for demanding and refined tourists, as evidenced by the beautiful residences hidden in the greenery.
During summer evenings, the precious seafront adorned with Tamerici, and its fascinating little shops along the road that leads to Porto.
One of Marciana Marina’s most fascinating neighbourhoods is certainly Cotone, an old hamlet once home to Marina’s fishermen and ancient natural shelter for boats.
Marciana Marina has an equipped tourism port for recreational boating with a circular stone tower, called Pisana, Medicea or Saracena, because it was built by the Pisans of the Eleventh Century as a defense against the Saracens. A beautiful evening walk that leads from Cotone to the tower.
The Fenicia beach, located behind the Tower, is complete with bathing services. The rest of the town’s territory does not have fine sand beaches, but you can discover dreamlike coves, such as Cala, Caletta, Crocetta, the tiny Remontò beach, Bagno beach, and the tiny Sprizze beach featuring a cool climate, because of its northern exposure, and a clear sea.


marcian2INTUR’s guests enjoy direct access to Punta Schioppo’s two exclusive beaches.
Among the events to remember, worthy of particular attention are the wine and food tasting event “Elbavoglio un mare di sapori” (“Elba, I want a sea of tastes”), held in May by the local consortium “Elbavoglio” and the Slowfood Association, and on 12 August the Feast of Santa Chiara, the town of Marciana Marina’s patron saint, when Holy Mass is celebrated, followed by a procession that ends in a fireworks display set to music, attended each year by thousands of visitors from throughout the world.

The island of Elba is immersed in green Mediterranean thicket, among cliffs, small plains, mountains and hills: only 4% of the territory is developed.

The weather in Marciana Marina